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Material Tectonics
ACSA/AIA Intersections Research Conference, Amherst, MA
Conference Presentation
Ehsan Baharlou, Dr.-Ing.

Material Tectonics

Ehsan Baharlou will present his research titled “Material Tectonics” on Saturday, October 21 at the 2023 ACSA/AIA Intersections Research Conference: Material Economies. Dr. Baharlou’s research focuses on integrating material capacities and fabrication limitations into design processes. He will delve into material tectonics, focusing on approaches to develop eco-resilient structures using robotic additive manufacturing. The project highlights the difficulties and potentials of 3D printing eco-resilient materials in order to reduce the embodied energy of the building industry. He will present during the session on material technologies.

For more information on the ACSA/AIA conference, please go here.