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Axisymmetric Column No. 1
University of Virginia
Research Project
Ehsan Baharlou, Dr.-Ing.

Axisymmetric Column No. 1


Axisymmetric Column No. 1 exemplifies a novel approach to large-scale robotic additive manufacturing, utilizing curved-layer fused filament fabrication (CLFFF) on a pre-stretched textile. It explores how patterning affects CLFFF printing to develop a lightweight hybrid shell structure. The cross-ply [0°/90°] and quasi-isotropic [0°/60°/90] patterns, inspired by composite engineering, enhance the mechanical properties of SCF-PLA.

Program Development

The final unit, including the shell structure and the base, has a height of 2300mm with a span of 900mm, and is reinforced by 10 kg of SCF-PLA pellets. The developed nonplanar robotic 3D printing technique was applied in reinforcing an individual axisymmetric column, which is one column out of three-column vault structure.

Author and Image Credit

Ehsan Baharlou

Project student research assistants

Avery Edson, Juliana Jackson, Eli Sobel, and Tabi Summers

Image Credit

Ehsan Baharlou, CT .lab, University of Virginia, 2023